Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (no battery needed)
Operating distance: up to 1.5 m (depending on antenna geometry)
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz (ISM, world-wide licence freely available)
Fast data transfer: up to 53 kbit/s
High data integrity: 16-bit CRC, framing
True anticollision
Password protected Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
Password protected Application Family Identifier (AFI)
Data Storage Format IDentifier (DSFID)
Additional fast anticollision read
Write distance equal to read distance
1024 bits, organized in 32 blocks of 4 bytes each
50 years data retention
Write endurance of 100000 cycles
Unique identifier for each device
Lock mechanism for each user memory block (write protection)
Lock mechanism for DSFID, AFI, EAS
Password (32-bit) protected EAS and AFI functionality

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