• 1.1? ?NFC Sticker Application:

    Mobile Payment, Access Control Management, E-ticketing, Loyalty System, Marketing, etc

  • 1.2? ?Below are some Tips of NFC Application in Marketing:

    Using NFC Sticker to let clients enter your website easily.

    Using NFC Sticker to let customers enter your blog easily.

    Direct users to a “how to” video of your products with NFC Sticker.

    Direct users to receive coupons with NFC Sticker.

  • Of course, you have more creative ways on applying NFC Stickers in various applications.

  • 2.1? ?Formats:

    Clear NFC Sticker: covered with clear PET layer

    White NFC Sticker: covered with white PET layer

    Printed NFC Sticker: covered with printable Layer of paper, polyester or other materials

    Anti-metal NFC Sticker: there is a ferrite foil material layer in the tag

  • 2.2? ?NFC Chip Options:

  • MiFare Classic 1k (MiFare S50)

  • MiFare Ultralight C

  • Ntag-216

  • MiFare Classic 4k (MiFare S70)

  • Ntag-203

  • Topaz512

  • MiFare Ultralight

  • Ntag-213

  • Other chips are upon your request

  • 3.1? ?NFC Sticker Material:

    Paper, Self-adhesive Paper, Ricoh? thermal paper, PP/Tyvek? , PVC, Soft Plastic, PET

  • NFC Sticker Size Available:

    3.2? ?ISO Card NFC Sticker Size:

    2.125" x 3.37" (53.98mm x 85.60 mm)

    3.3? ?Common NFC Sticker Size:

    ? 35mm x 35mm? ? 20mm x 10mm? ? 38mm diameter

  • 4.1? ?Available Crafts:

    Hot stamp (gold/silver/red), Laser silver/gold, Laser Engraving, Ink jet printing, Scratch off panel, Barcode/QR code, Thermal printing, Hologram, Embossing, Adhesive sheet, UV ink, Hologram, Hole punch, etc.

  • To make sure NFC Sticker can be delivered without any damage, Nexqo uses top standard packaging. All Paper boxes and cartons are made of high-quality material.

    5.2? ?For standard size (3-3/8”*2-1/8”):

    Inner Box: 210*100*60mm, 200 pcs/box, 1.5kg